Via the official J&T Expedition Hotline : DownloadLagu

How easy it is to use  J&T Call Center services

Many do not know how to use the services of  the J&T call center.  Even though customer support is available for 24 hours non-stop. You can even say that this is the most recommended trip, and on vacation  it still works. Thanks to this, it not only serves 24 hours a day, but also works without holidays.

What J&T really doesn’t know is that holidays, even public holidays and weekends , still work as usual. So, for those of you who do business online, it seems that this may be the best solution to ensure that the goods you buy and sell can easily reach consumers, even if the transactions are made on holidays.

J&T itself is an international company engaged in the expedition sector, although it is based in Jakarta, the name of this company has sorting warehouses in Semarang and Surabaya. As the youngest expeditionary service in Indonesia, J&T always strives for maximum service for the satisfaction of its customers.

So, we have questions, suggestions, or criticisms that can be conveyed through customer service or J&T call centers.  For those of you who are still confused about contacting customer service through the media, you are in the right article because we will review it in detail.

Via the official J&T Expedition Hotline

Even in the beginning, this one service was available for free. In2018, the free hotline began to be liquidated and replaced by a paid service in which the tariff depends on the tariff of a given operator. So you can call the hotline at 021-8066-1888 as follows:

  1. Dial the hotline number provided at 021-8066-1888
  2. After dialing the hotline number, you will be connected to the operator
  3. You can press extensions tailored to your needs

This one service is highly recommended because it is quite effective when customers can communicate both ways until a solution is found. So, if there are problems with the place of delivery or collection of the goods, you can directly contact the customer service on the hotline.

This J&T Call Center also doesn’t have a vacation, so you can get in touch at any time when you need it. In addition, it can be accessed 24 hours a day without interruption, which makes it easier for customers to consult directly. Contacting the call center through the hotline service is indeed more advisable than other methods.

Send an email to the expedition email address

In fact, there are many other ways that can be used to contact J&T in addition to the helpline service, where you have to pay a fee because the hotline is not free. One of them is to send an email so that you can convey by writing about criticism suggestions or complaints.

J&T will also respond well to incoming emails so you can send complaints, criticisms, or suggestions via email address. If you really decide to contact customer support via email address, pay attention to writing a criticism of the suggestions or complaints you make.

Do not forget to fill the subject of the email with important points that you will pass, and then weld it in detail in the body of the email. In case of problems or complaints, use the list system, because later it will facilitate the J&T call center to consider the complaint.

Instead of writing in a paragraph, you should write it as a list , so that the essence of the complaint can be clearly conveyed. Ifyou are wordy, there is usually a misunderstanding, so you have to repeat what you want to convey, and this, of course, takes time, and the obstacles are not quickly resolved.

Contact J&T social media accounts

In an increasingly sophisticated era, it seems that there is no need to be wrong if you want to contact the customer service of even a large company. What’s more, all information can be easily obtained where you just need to surf  search engines or browsers using online media.

Today, almost all large companies have their own social media accounts to present their products to the public. You just need to look for a social media account if you encounter complaints or problems so that they can be easily communicated in a simpler way.

Similarly, with J&T, when you want to contact a J&T call center , but you’re limited because you have to spend a budget where the rate is aligned with the provider used to call the hotline number, you can dm or directly message through J&T’s social media accounts.

Especially now that many people prefer data packets to calling packages, so you can also contact the administrator via social media. There are also a lot of social media accounts these days, so look for more active social media accounts so they can connect easily.

For this trip, you can contact us via Facebook: J&T Express Indonesia, Instagram: @jntexpressid, Twitter: @jntexpressid, WeChat: @JTExpressID and Line: @jtexpressid. It is more recommended to contact through an Instagram account, as it is more often online or active.

So, not only through the hotline service, you can visit  the J&T call center in a variety of ways, from sending emails or direct messages to J&T social media accounts.

By WhatsApp J&T number

If the above methods are still very difficult, for example,  your train is not active on social media or does not have an email address, there is another way that may be the last solution, namely to contact the administrator or customer service on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application that is used more often for communication.

Compared to other apps, even WhatsApp can be considered a substitute for SMS, so you can contact the J&T call center at  whatsapp  + 62811-8466-188.   You will be connected to customer support to chat both ways so that it is the same as the hotline, where you can also find solutions related to your complaints.

Customer support also serves with all its heart to get a quick and responsive response to suggestions, criticism or complaints made by customers. So there is no need to worry, because various obstacles can be overcome correctly, and the delivery or collection of packages can run smoothly as usual.

The bottom line is that when sending a package, make sure that it contains a valid and complete address along with the zip code. Be sure to also send items carefully packed so that the goods are not easily damaged along the way, as usually complaints at  the J&T call center come from lovers of online shopping.

Among the many complaints, many customers claimed that the package had not yet arrived. Then the wrong address or the name and number of the house, which causes the goods not to reachtheir destination. Then the wrong packaging also causes the goods in it to be easily damaged, dented, broken and others.

Tips to make delivery smooth and hassle-free are actually easy when you need to carefully check the delivery address and destination name, always if you are shipping goods that are susceptible to damage, then give a warning sticker. Thanks to this, you and consumers also do not have to contact the J&T call center , because the delivery runs smoothly.