Gadgetinku: List of official ASUS service centers throughout Indonesia

The ASUS Service Center List is an important number especially for ASUS users and they can call that number directly if they have any problems. The ASUS brand itself is one of the most widely used laptop brands by the people of Indonesia. First, let’s talk about the beginnings of the founding of ASUS.

In addition to laptops, ASUS has actually issued a variety of other products. HP, tablet, etc. So, it’s not just about laptops. Based in Ta iwan, this multinational computer company focuses on hardware and electronics. Among its products are laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, network equipment and monitors.

There are also other products such as WIFI routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, multimedia products, peripherals, modern devices, servers, workstations, tablet PCs, etc. The name Asus itself is taken from the name of an animal in Greek mythology, namely the Pegasus. But only the last four words were taken.

Asus was founded in 1989 and was founded by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and Liao. All four of them work as engineers for Acer’s G-Cat Soft. At the time of its inception, Asus focused solely on computer and laptop hardware and software.

However, in 2005, or to be precise, in December, Asus tried the latest variant. Namely, the LCD TV market is beginning to enter the world. The first model created was the TLW32001. And in 2006, in collaboration with Lamborghini, Asus developed the Vx laptop series.

Learn about Asus’ history

Before talking about Daft AR Service Center Asus, we recommend that you talk about the history of the Asus company. In March 2006, Asus officially became one of the first Microsoft origami model makers. And in August of the same year, Asus announced its collaboration with Gigabyte Technology.

In 2007, Asus officially announced the launch of the Eee PC at COMPUTEX Taipei. On September 9, 2007, Asus officially supported Blu-ray and also announced the release of BD-ROM/DVD writer PC drive BC-1205PT. Later, Asus also released several Blu-ray-based notebooks.

Asus Service Center lists that in January 2008 they began a massive restructuring of their operations. It then split it into three independent companies, and certainly Asu focused only on komputer and electronic products, while the two pegatrons focused only on the manufacture of motherboards and OEM components.

And finally, Unihan Corporation focuses only on non-PC manufacturing such as cese and molding. In December 2008, the Open Handset Alliance officially announced that Asus would be one of its new members. Asus will be official here and can contribute to the development of Android.

So the association is an open handset al liars whose members can use compatible Android devices. As an android open source project you can contribute to code generation. And we will support K El Ja Sama through K products and services. As it is able to speed up the availability of devices based on android technology.

Asus to Present Deployment

In October 2010, the Asus-Garmin partnership officially ended. They have released rkan Garmin ASUS brand smartphone products in the past two years. In December 2010, Asus launched the world’s thinnest notebook, the Asus U36. With standard voltage processor. And it has a thickness of only 19mm.

After understanding the development from ASUS to the present. Let’s talk about ASUS service centers all over Indonesia. But before that, do you want to find out what a service center really is? Is it important to know that and what is it for?

Whenever we have a problem with the electronic devices that we use, we must know the list of Asus service centers, since we can fix them there immediately. A service center is a place where repairs can be made, unlike service at an electronic service center. And of course, directly with parts from the manufacturer.

Many people think that doing a service in an official place can cost quite a bit of money. But that’s just the way it is, because it gets  the best spare parts, so it’s not really that way. And of course, it will be much more perfect compared to a normal serve.

So where are the service centers? Is it far away or is it really not at all. Especially for brands like Asus, of course, there are various service centers all over Indonesia. Every city needs to have an address to repair the laptop, so users don’t have to search for it.

List of Asus service centers throughout Indonesia

If you talk about service centers, you will find many sources on the Internet. One reliable source will tell you the following:  We will explain the places and cities that you can visit to repair Asus-made electronics.

Will a Ya DKI There are many addresses from the list of Asus Service Centers in Jakarta, here are some of them. First in the area of the Agung Sedayu Complex, Luko Haruko Manga Dua Block J No. 18-19 Jl. Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta.  You can contact him by phone 1500 128. The second is in central Jakarta.

He spoke at Luko Manga Dua Square Block F27-28 and Gunung Sahari Raya 1 in central Jakarta. You can also contact us via 1500 128. Next up is STC Senayan 1F No.1003A. Jalan Asia Africa is located in Pintu IX, South Jakarta.

And there are still many lists of Asus service centers that are listed as service partners for the company. One of them is the address Jl. in Central Jakarta. It is a service location located on Balikpapan Raya 11C-11D and can be contacted by the telephone number (021) 3850200. There is also a service center inside Mangadua Square Mall.

There are many more service centres in the Haruko Mangadua district, Luco Block I 32 and 33.  Here you can repair the service easily and quickly.  For more information , you can call 6126555 at the following number: (021).

List of Asus service centers on the outskirts of Jakarta

First, give some addresses and phone numbers from our service center in the Bogor area. The first addresses are at Jl. Achmad Yani No.124, Ruko Burangrang No 4, Tanah Cereal, Bogor, West Java.  Please contact us at (0251) 1500128.

D Afterl Asus Service Center is located in BEC Lukowarun Jumb Brock R1 No.1, Bogor, West Java.  Please also contact us 8340653 telephone number (0251). Next is Address Bogor Trade Mall Lieutenant 2 Block A16 No. 1B Jl. H. Juanda No 68, Bogor, West Java.

Bisa will also be contacted via the number (0251) 8340653.  If you are in the Depok area,  you can come to the address Depok Town Square Block GE 2 No 2-3 Jl. Margonda Raya No 403C, Ruko Daniel Bakery, Depok. Please contact us at the telephone number 1500 128.

Knowing the address of the service center from Asus will make it easy to repair.  You will come in handy in terms of repairing these electronic devices. That’s why when you are really useful when you know the list of Asus service centers.

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