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Pos Indonesia Call Center Number and Samples  of Its Services

P os Indonesia  Call Center services  are always busy  being discussed  by everyone. Because this facility is always what all customers  need  for  a lot of things to do with the service of the postal party itself  . Pos Indonesia itself is a  state-owned enterprise in the area of  sending goods and documents throughout the  region.

If you’re used  to buying online before, you’ll certainly  be  unaware  of the  services offered by  this delivery service.  You can check receipts online to track the availability of  supply of goods ordered here.  Interestingly,  today the post also has 24 hours of CS services.

This service  is provided  as  an  innovation form as the  oldest country-owned logistics service, so that  this  Limited Liability Company does not become obsolete.   So, if at first people could often  look at it as obsolete, then thanks to  the P os Indonesia  Call Center service it provides, it  will make it look  more modern.

 Different structures of Indonesia

The services rendered by  this state limited liability company vary widely. He did this to  ensure the  wellbeing of customers who have long been using their services. Below is a list of the facilities  available here:

  1. POSERBA, this institution is more focused on one stop-shop method and  is usually  available on the physical counter of the post office.  With  this service, all the needs of society are met.   Some of the needs that can be met through this service include philately,  greeting cards and stations.   It’s all
  2. POSARLING, as the name implies,  besides working  in the field of postal delivery services  , there are other needs services available here.   For  example, stamps,  the sale of mail objects, and the purchase of shipments from everyone.   So the presence of  the P os Indonesian  call center brings it closer to the locals who need  it.
  3. Halo Pos 161 is a phone line that can be contacted by all people to get services and information according to everyone’s needs.  This   facility  can be used by customers at any time to save more cost,  time and energy    when they need direct online expedition services.
  4. The agency is also one  of the services of the Post Office  , where this  company  is  open to residents  or anyone who wants to join as an Indonesian postal agent. There  are many services available, including opening savings, retirement payments and deductions,  selling cash payments  , and more. So there are a lot of functions.

How to contact Poz Indonesia Call Center by Phone

For  those who need help delivering their packages,   all of these problems can be solved immediately with customer service.   All complaints and problems or all  the necessary  information can be easily answered through the service.   How to contact them.

One of them is  by telephone directly  from  the number of the central post office , which is  based on the  city  of Location . The  phone number  itself is  usually  available online. Thus, you can find the number directly from the Internet and enter keywords.

In  addition,  the P os Indonesia  Call Center phone number appears immediately based on the headquarters of each city needed.    From here  , you  can ask for a lot  from the status of the package being sent, or  even  when you want to know the cost of supplying the  goods.

So you know how much money you need to be prepared to  pay directly for  the mail  . So, in this case, you can use 161  as one of the services provided by Halo Pos Indonesia to contact customer service directly.

In this case, if you  are accustomed to using its services,  you should meticulously remember and record the phone number, do not lose it.   So,  if there  are any problems or unresolved items with shipping, you can get a solution here.

Just to make a phone call, you’ll be charged a local rate as usual. So when  you want to ask for certain things to  customer service,  make sure  you  have enough credit when you’re trying to call the phone so that the  connection  doesn’t get interrupted.

How to contact Pos Indonesia Call Center via email and live chat

In addition to the phone number, it is possible to  contact the email  directly by  servicing your mail customers.   This is   perfect for those who want to save money when using your services,  but don’t want to get out of credit.   Here, every client can contact CS directly by the email provided.

You can file a complaint or  request anything  directly from your cell phone, computer, or even  other  gadget devices  with Internet access  via your email address. So here’s the  capital just internet connection,  the rest you  can already  contact P os Indonesia  Call Center by email.

The current email  address   is   All incoming letters are replied to immediately by customer service   .   Only when using this service  , you need to be patient at all, because of course the answer  is  longer than contacting customer service over  the  phone.

In addition to using email, you can  also contact the CS  on the service via live chat  . This option is provided directly  from the official website   of the  post  office at   Just  click on the live chat menu,  then  all questions will be answered directly.

This feature is available to the bottom right of the screen, where you see a picture of an Indonesian  postman, and then a direct  dialog  box appears.   In this  dialog box, you can select  the  menu provided by the  post  office.  After that, write the message and immediately reply.

How to apply for an Indonesian call centre via social media

In  addition to using some of the above methods,  you  can  check the delivery status and  file complaints  directly  through social networks that are relevant to the shipping authority   . Because now Pos Indonesia is more developed. This is  evident in the increasingly completeness of the service, as it already  has social networks.

FB  accounts can be  found  directly by visiting a fanpage owned by Pos Indonesia. However,  if you’re going to connect via Twitter, you  can go directly to @PosIndonesia  so that all needs are answered immediately.   However,  twitter uptime  is  limited to customers when connecting.

You can only   be served  between  8  am and  17:00  PM,  all from Monday to Friday.   But even so,  the service  is  good enough to help  you precisely control the status of shipping goods.

Interestingly,  not only  the FBI and Twitter, but it turns out that there is still an Instagram presence.   You can  also  contact the official IG account at @posindonesia.ig so that the administrator on duty can immediately answer questions.

Of course,  with  all the  amenities offered above, the company has become different and has changed for the better.    That’s why many people today are starting to use its services again. This is because the presence of a  P os  Indonesian call center number that can be accessed at any time makes  consumers feel valued  .

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