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Call center XL becomes the main provider close to customers

At the end of 1996, there was the first private company in Indonesia, which, together with the XL call center,  established  a mobile telephone service.    Previously, it was called PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk. A private  company  that at  that  time could  become one of  Telkomsel’s competitors as the flagship government  provider or  commonly called BUMN.

Although they are private, they are at least able to become competitors of state-owned companies that are more dominant   in  society and can touch them in different places.   In the past, when  phones and SMS were still used for communication,  the  main factor  that made the community  or user comfortable was the presence of signals.    When it comes to signal, XL is also basically strong in any location.

XL call centers  are commonly owned and provided by this company. Since their users are very global and have no known existence,  they have to be touched by a centralized service.   So that they can find out what field obstacles   or problems their users still face when evaluating their products in the future.

Because the  product and the company,  when it is founded, certainly needs a lot of criticism and input from its users.    So we hope that  in the  future it  will be  able to be  even better and be able to revive the competition for  mobile  telephony services in  Indonesia, which is still mostly dominated by state-owned companies in  the  form of Telkom as a provider of mobile telephone network services.

The Xl call center  is also expected to  be one of the bridges for businesses and  users in communication and marketing. Because in this way, people all over the  world can be  touched  and  understand the   promotions and what are the interesting products of this company.   Thus, it is expected that  he will be able to solve  the exact  problems.

Začiatok PT XL Axiata Tbk

A company, if it  has publicly listed its shares and  financial  statements,  if it  is  in  Indonesia on the Indonesian stock exchange  , then the existence of the  company is really not a joke and can become one of the pioneers  in the  industry in which it operates.    They deserve appreciation  when it comes to their performance,  because  they are able to publicly give their  wishful thinking and then be accessible to all.

Initially, this company was  more precise in October 1996, and then it was called PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk.   As time passed, with better performance  and the ability to  reach and be used by all circles of the Indonesian  company began to  expand their business in order to  expand the  name of  this company is, of course, the presentation of the  XL call center.

Exactly in 2013, this company made a breakthrough by  being able to carry out the acquisition of one of  the products or companies of Axis Telekom.   They made this acquisition with several important contractual records.   On the other hand, they also cooperate with several companies outside of Indonesia  that have become famous.

They realized cooperation with Saudi Telecom Company or STC for a short time and Teleglobal Investment BV.  They are very willing to pay some debts,  as  well as liabilities of this axis itself.   In this way, they will have two excellent products, namely  XL itself as an  old product and Axis as their new provider, but they still provide XL call centers.

 Purpose of the call center

Call centers are  really essential for all companies today.   They need  a centrally  integrated  system as one of the solutions  for their users who  want to get to the obstacles that plague them.   So that everything related to solving  problems with obstacles ,  it is possible to overcome centrally directly.

The existence of the XL call center is very important for this company.  Especially after the process of acquiring the axis  ,  their performance is very tested here.   This bush product is  overcrowded and widely used by the wider community,  so t idif rarely there are a lot of problems. The call center eventually became their mainstay.

Meanwhile, if  a  company wants to do a promo for its customers,  they can also use this call center as their point of contact.  Because it is felt that this system is able to reach all levels of its users in all places, especially in Indonesia. So that everything can really be done centrally.

From there, the appeal of the community with the provision of XL call centers becomes safety and comfort for themselves. It is not embarrassing to complain when faced with various problems. Because CS is also very friendly and soluble. Everything is done for the convenience of customers and the good name of the company is preserved.

Internal corporate call center

This company also pays attention to all forms of communication on the part of its employees or employees. In addition to providing customers with a help center, they also provide their employees with access to internal corporate communications. So that communication can be very close and can be carried out at any time during office hours between employees or superiors and subordinates.

This service can also be one of the ways for a company to cover all kinds of communications that they are not aware of. In addition to being useful to customers, XL call center is also of great importance to its employees. It also has a big impact on the company, especially on its communication. Because companies, especially management, can find out what employees are talking about and communicating about.

Communication between employees is really very necessary in the company.   Like the team, communication determines progress for the PT XL Axiata Tbk.  The main service or product is digital or mobile, so communication is the main thing. So this must also be true within their own company.

This service is expected to be their mainstay in navigating the fierce competition in the industry by presenting the XL call center  as a complaint center. Because when using or after using this product, it is hoped that consumers will have a positive impression and will be able to become the company’s tool for growth and growth.

Benefits of using an XL network

After orienting Indonesia’s market share from 1996 to 2021, they provided a variety of mobile telephony services that can become the backbone of internet access for the general public in their daily lives.  The advantage is considered to be in line  with  the package price set by  this company in competition with other providers.

Then there are other advantages in the form of signal  speed and stability  in  their mobile phones when using prime from XL itself. Due to the  large number of 4G LTE networks   in different cities with an additional 1,800 spectra after the axis is acquired, which makes it very stable and accessible anywhere, while still presenting the  XL call center as a solution.

We hope that with the presence  of  PT XL Axiata Tbk, which has been established in Indonesia for a long time, it will be able to become one of the  best providers  of  mobile  telephone network services even from the private sector.   So that people have a lot of options in determining the attitude of using which provider and can complain about the problem in the XL call center.

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