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About Jenius , The Jenius Communications Center , Benefits and Comforts

In this article  , we  discuss the Jenius Communications Center and what benefits Geneaves itself has in fact being a digital banking app that can help you carry out various financial activities, such as saving, transferring to financial management.

In all digital times, everything will be easy, even if you need to do it from  somewhere, i.e. on a smart phone or smart phone that was previously based on iOS or Android. Geneus is a program launched in 2016 by BTP Bank and is still growing.

This app can even be associated with the national banking system and the international payment system with a visa debit card and a national payment gate or JPN. Many people have helped a lot by having this genius because it’s an app that’s smartly considered for financial management.

Many people are looking for information about the Geneva Communications Center just to get information about its features. In fact, this one program makes it easier for banks to operate where you can send money, pay, pay, save money to put money only on a smart phone so it’s very practical.

What are the benefits of using Jenius?

As the conversation is now that this app really facilitates someone’s banking activity because all transactions are done only with a smart phone.   It won’t continue to  develop technology that  gets more complicated every day  , so  you don’t have to come individually or line up at the bank.

There are many comforts  you can  get  using  only one account. You can enjoy a variety of transactions beforehand  .  begins  with payments , withdrawals without visiting a bank or an ATM device .  This means that it is very practical than the  conditions that  suggest   that   they be in  the  house  as   any current pandemia  .

Jeniandherself have multiple types of cards, i.e. M-cards, E-cards and X cards.  For your e-card, it’s a real card that looks more like a credit card. If the M card type is a type of card for active balances or main account balances and x  cards  that almost look like an M card, they can be used for transactions and cash withdrawals, but there is a daily purchase limit.

Savings types in Geneva are also different, i.e. Felix Saver, Dream Saver and Maxi Saver so you can choose or adjust your needs. For more information, you have been advised to contact the Genealogy Contact Center. This digital card also has many benefits, including:

  1. There is no transfer fee although different banks
  2. Gratt withdraws naqda from ATM
  3. can easily open an account, i.e. online, so it’s very simple and practical.
  4. There is no administrative fee  so every month the balance remains safe
  5. can be used abroad because Genevais is connected to the visa network

Most common questions about Jenius through cs services

In the middle of such a epidemic, it is recommended to be in the home to make all kinds of online transactions. So genius can be used as a solution when you want to open or open a new account, but there are still many people who feel unaware about the process.

There are few people who contact  the Geneva Center  service  to get detailed information. There are common questions, for example, how to raise the balance, how to see the account number and what are the different types of savings, including Felix Saver, Dream Saver and Maxi Saver.

To the top of the balance is actually very easy. You can move a transfer from another bank by entering the bank’s BTPcode, which is 213 and then your Geneva account number and mobile number registered with Geneva. You can check your phone number and account number through the Geneva app in the profile list.

Many people are eager about whether you can get a bus notebook, the Jenius program does not provide the bus notebook directly but an e-mail statement or current account that you can start even every month through profiles and settings in the program or you can    service

You can download the program  through a broadcast store or store app. It can be arranged with the smart phone you’re using if it’s on Android or IOS. For different types of savings, you can use the Savior’s Box as an emergency box or payment that provides flexibility for withdrawals or payments.

As for the dream saver, you can use it to save according to the selected object you will acquire in the future. The last one is the Maxi server you can pay for. Of the three types of savings, you can choose which ones are compatible with your needs.

Very helpful embodied properties

Using this bank app means you can control all loan card activities in the Card Center menu. In fact, you can also change the daily withdrawal limit or transaction spending limit for each Genesis card because there is a feature called the Change Limit to further control your finances.

Without connecting to the Jenius Connection Center, you can change your pin, block it, block it again  , and write down your transaction history.  So then, although there is no physical bus notebook, you can see the transaction  via a  digital card or a debit card.

This digital card even relates to the NATIONAL ATM network and visa network around the world.  So  you  don’t have to raise anything else  to   move  at home  or abroad.   It’s no wonder many people like to open this loan account  .

After opening an account, the loan card  will be sent by the bank to  the registered address.   If you are in Jaboudtabik, you can get a loan card  for  2 days per hour of work  and more than that you can get it within 7 days  of working hours  since the request for creating a card is made

If you have not yet received a debit card beyond the general time limit mentioned, you should contact the Jenius Customer Service or Call Center   for more information. This is through the Connection Center where you can know the status of sending the debit card.

How toaccess  the Information and Limitation Assistance Center?

When you have a problem, you can contact the BTPN Contact or Monitoring Center on 1500 300 or via International Contact on +62 21 2450 5500. Through the Jenius Hotline or Call Center Service  , you can consult both ways to immediately resolve the problems you experience.

If you don’t have the opportunity to contact the number listed above, you can send an e-mail to customer services at the address. At the same time, to get general information about the Genesis card, you can contact .

Only a suggestion when you create a PIN for a Genius debit card, you must use a different PIN number for ATM and programs.  This is just a measure of necessity to  make transactions safer and there are few obstacles that require you to contact the  Jenios Contact Center.

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