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Toshiba Service Center and  Factory Authorized Parts Center

The Toshiba service center  is actually the right place for customers who  want to  make improvements to their electronic electronics.   But as technology develops,  the function of this  service  is increasingly advanced and  can even be used as a place to  “invent” for Indonesian consumers.

Even before they decide to buy a product, they are reluctant to ask the clerk directly either via online or offline.   What kind of capabilities  the tool has as well as how much it costs.   This method  is  also a good opportunity for companies to offer sales without struggling to find a target market.

The Toshiba service  center  is a special customer service provided by  an  official company so that the information  provided can work optimally.   Many potential buyers or old  consumers  visit more stores to inquire about products and repairs.   But now everything can be easily done by phone .

A small percentage of  consumers come to be at the outlet  only to perform a  direct service  because electronic devices experience problems.   However, for “venting” issues mostly using   advisory  services  directly or using telecommunications equipment  even via social media.   Updating activities on how the product  is used is often requested by customers.

 Toshiba Products At a Glance

Brand is a large company that has strengthened a variety of electronic products with advanced and modern technological capabilities.   Its headquarters   are based in Tokyo,  Japan but most of its production process is carried out in China.   The industry produces desktop computers,  digital devices, electrical equipment, along with their components.

A device made directly under the hands of the company is among the top 20  largest companies in the world.   Computers are the fifth major  competitor  and best-selling product in addition to Dell, Acer, and Apple.   The Toshiba service center has also been established to help provide information needs as well as repairs.

This brand by Sakura was first started in 1939  and is  the result  of collaboration between the two companies “TO” and “SHIBa”.   Both havea wider  body that is involved in their respective parts  of the good consumption as well as the machine.   Thanks to this role, he became the forerunner of the birth of  a new  company  called Toshiba Corporation.



The name changed in 1984 and  the growth of this grub is getting stronger and even able to compete in other global markets.  As we know at the time , Japan had become one  of the countries with the best technological advances so that many companies also carried out product updates.

The advantages of the products  offered  aim to facilitate community  needs  including Toshiba service center services that are still in use today. Many awards were won by the company to become  one  of  the best pioneers in the world.

Easy to Find Toshiba Service Center

The company’s official service centers are spread across Indonesia .   There are also categories of repair services from refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners to laptops.   You can go to the outlet or call the Toll-Free Hotline number at any time.

Toshiba  service centers spread across Indonesia can be found in large cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, to Cirebon. If your location is in Central Java, you can visit Semarang, Solo, Purwokerto and Yogyakarta.  Meanwhile, Surabaya, Malang, Jember and Kediri are the centers of improvement  in the East Java area  .

Service centers outside Java are located in Denpasar, Pekan Baru, Jambi, Lampung, Makasar, Batam to Manado.  The presence of shops is only useful for providing technical assistance or providing  spare  parts for the repair of electronic equipment.   This way we do not have to send products to  Jakarta or its head office.

You can also get service and information related to repairs, orders, or inquire  about products and  warranties  directly at the Toshiba service center hotline.  You can also contact the contact at the nearest branch store to get facilities that will help our desires  as product buyers.

You can find the fullest list of information and services on the official website of Toshiba .   There are  also  attractive  promos, chasbacks for massive discounts every month.   Of course, all this is meant for potential buyers to  get their attention.   Immediately visit the nearest  store  or ask CS directly via online.

Toshiba Service Center for PCs and Laptops

In addition to being able to manage repairs in electronic matters such as washing machines, TVs or air conditioners in official stores, we can do  free services for personal computer and laptop users.  You can do this without   paying if the  warranty period of the product is still there.

The Toshiba service center is the right area  for those of you who are still confused about where to get your favorite laptop or notebook  to  repair.   Repairing computer equipment requires quite serious handling. The wrong choice is that we can’t make the PC back to normal as before.

Incorrect handlers, as well as performed by inexperienced technicians can make the service less functional.  So instead of returning well, the laptop may have problems.   Profes ional officers should understand the ins and outs about the components in your laptop.   Then looking at the damage problem exactly helps to restore its function.

In a personal computer and laptop, hardware is hardware that plays a  very important role. The tool consists of various components such as motherboard, processor, copper, plus various support parts. If one of them experiences problems,  it will certainly affect the entire performance of the PC.

The Toshiba service center  is the right place for you to  make your laptop or notebook  back to normal.   Of course, it is assisted by technicians who understand the ins and outs of the components inside and outside the PC.   You can go to the outlet or contact the help center using the official Indonesian Hotline  number .

 Easy Ways to Find Spare Parts

Most electronic products require special attention  in order to bring their functioning back to normal.   Common network   system  failure, power disruption or slow computers,  many of which can  still be dealt with by technicians.   However, if the problem arises caused by the deer of its componentsof the device then replacement will be required.

Most of the general public is unaware of the problems that occur in electronic warfare, be they computers, TVs, air conditioners, or household appliances.    They only leave it up to the task force to make repairs.   In addition to helping, the Toshiba service center  can provide information including the most common  complaints obtained from the public.

But the problem may be different if the damage to electronics is caused by  hardware components.   Of course, as technicians  they will recommend customers to replace the damaged parts.   In most cases, choosing the right repair location  can’t   help you provide a new device.

Instead, you can try contacting the official Indonesians or visiting the nearest g-erai branch in the city  directly.   For a  list  of posts please  look at the  official  page  of the company’s website. Ask for advice directly to customer service or use a message and send via email about the problem.

You can also take advantage of the official account via Instagram at   The cost of the handleran to overcome the problems that occur in electronic products depends on the high low damage.   But the most important thing is that you can contact the eks tra call center at the nearest  Toshiba service center.