Services provided by Batik Air: Jerawat

Batik Air Call Center can be contacted for 24 hours

Batik Air Call Centre is a service that helps customers for information or complaint documents. Technical development will enable the industry Improved service will further improve the quality of airlines.

Through a call center, customers can call with different purposes. Customers can request information in the event of a flight or complain about service Services obtained from the airline. This communication allows airlines to receive the service responses provided for subsequent evaluation.

Call centre staff play an important role in building good relations with customers. they have to have a lot of knowledge in the dossier Geographical nature, such as the route to the time range of the airplane area.The crew must understand the division of the roads and time networks that aircraft pass.

Not so much, the crew must recognise the aircraft and other services provided by the airline.Staff should know the details of white Flight tickets starting at price, how to book how to change the departure schedule and how to cancel tickets.

One of the most important things center staff need to master is good communication skills. Staff should understand requests or Customer complaints. They must provide information or solutions in a way that speaks in an approximate, efficient and efficient way.

Staffed communication skills will  satisfy customers after calling the Batik Air Call center. Information related to complaints or describing solutions. If employee communication skills are  poor, it will disappoint customers.

About Batik Air Airlines

Batik Air is a subsidiary of private airline Lion Air. The subsidiary is operated in the absolute service section. It First became operational on May 3, 2013.There were first routes from Jakarta to Manado and Balipapan.

Batik Air was developed by Lion Air because it was not possible to accommodate the increase in passenger surcharges. so the company created the airline The company has brought five Boeing 737 aircraft to the new airline to be able to cope with the growing number of passengers.

The airline has an air route to 59 destinations both at home and abroad. The plane will reach the island from Kalimantan, Nusa Tengara, Maluku, Papua, Sulawesi to Sumatra. In foreign territories, including Saudi Arabia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam.

It initially operated only Ten Boeing 737-900ER. So far it has operated 74 aircraft. Airbus has an A320-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-8 and Boeing 737-9 aircraft.

Albeit it has a branch status, the facilities provided are no less competitive than that of the parent company.One is batik air call center,  which deputies Allows customer complaints and provide them with a solution. The facility has also communicated information sought by customers.

Services provided by Batik Air

Batik Air is considered the best airline. It has won many awards such as ISSA. The passenger safety standards were provided by IATA in January 2016. The award was classified as the best award.

The next award is the ISO standard. Iso 9001:2005 License is a well-managed airline. As a private airline, the award proves to be the best performance. not all private airlines will be able to achieve this award.

In addition to winning awards, there are also many advantages in the services it offers.This airline with economy and business class Activities offer a variety of facilities. Offered at low prices, the airline has a television screen, snacks and large clothes.

In terms of facilities and infrastructure, the airline has an independent control center called Bottom AeroTechnic. In addition, the company also provides scans The people stay to its employees from ground crew to flight crew as well.While it only has the status of a private company, Batik Air can provide a range of facilities.

Batik Air continues to build buildings to support the airline’s business. These facilities include training buildings, hotels and plastic. The airline carrier was also created under Lion Parcel’s name.The airline will continue to make improvements and build facilities to improve service.

Batik Air differs with Lion Air, which is often involved in aircraft crashes. The airline is safer compared Batik Air Call Center is a service created to build good relations with customers  .

How to contact Batik Air Call Center?

Batik Air Call Center can be connected via different routes. One of them is going directly to the central office. It is located at Batik Air Head Office, Lion Air Tower, J.L. Gaja Ma’s No.7 central Jakarta.

In addition to being able to come to the head office, you can also  contact the Batik Air call center via email  , social  media or telephone number Airline emails Office telephone numbers 080 4177 8899 and 021-6379 8000.

In addition to the headquarters, you can also find a branch office in your city. Every branch office will also have a telephone number if you are reluctant The airline’s branch is spread already across Indonesia. You can easily find branch offices.

Customers can also contact batik air call centre even if they are overseas.Customers can still request information There are airline services or filing complaints. These benefits provide customer convenience.

Key stories about the Batik Air Call Centre

There are many things to note about bats, I am an air call  centre. service takes a loan. This means you need to have credit on your phone before calling a call center. If you are not in debt, you can make a call via landline.

Batik Air Call Center is available within 24 hours and holidays. If you need information or want to complain on the poor Working hours, you can do this by phone. Expressions will be provided quickly and friendly by staff.

You can contact the Batik Air Call Center for information on flight prices on specific dates or days, How to book and pay flight tickets, how to change departure schedules, and how to cancel flight tickets.

In addition to obtaining information,   customers can also submit a complaint with a batik air call center. Lawsuits such as  high ticket prices Hard to book tickets, delays,  problems difficult to change the departure schedule for ticket cancellations, etc.  are usually submitted.

Customers can request information via a call center. In addition, customers can also submit complaints about services available by P airlines Customers can  receive relief  after  contacting a batik air call centre. Staff provide quick and friendly feedback.

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