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Xpress Media Ninja E Call  Center Easily Communicates Complaints

If there is a problem in the shipping process, the  Ninja Express m call center available  to file a complaint  may be  your best bet.   As we already know, problems are one of the things that businessmen cannot   avoid – especially those who do business online  .

In order to  facilitate transportation,   tour services are really reliable.   With this  service  , this means  that businessmen do not have to send their goods directly to consumers .   In this way, it will obviously make you more focused    in your business.

Unfortunately, some packages or goods are not spared by tour services with different types of problems.   Including the  use of Ninja Express  services. Ninja Express itself is one of the most popular  delivery service companies  in Indonesia.

Although   it is known for offering a variety of services and affordable delivery products,  this does not mean that businessmen do not have  problems  using masala on packaging as lost goods or other complaints.   Therefore, the Ninja Express call center  is  really looking for complaints  .

Surely you don’t want to send it if there are problems like loss or damage in the package  ?   Therefore, it is important to make a complaint or complaint  , so as not to lose. In order not to  be slow at graduation, here is a complete overview  when you will need it.

 Spléachadh ar Ninja Express

Before  you know  how to  contact  a ninja Express call center, it is very important to get to know this popular  tour service in Indonesia at a glance. Where  it is a forwarding company that  was  in Singapore in 1024  .

The company  became a subsidiary of Ninja Van, which was first  founded by  three people  , namely Chang Wen, Shaun Chong and Tax Boaxian, where each had a different job. The company provides transportation and reception services for technology-based goods and even  provides the most popular services  for COD services.

Having not come to Indonesia, it turns out that the  company already exists for the first time in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.   In addition, in Indonesia, this  Ninja  delivery service has collaborated with  different  types of  the largest  e-commerce platforms  in Indonesia  , such as Shopee, Bukalapak, Blibli, Tokopedia, Sociola, and more.

To provide various proprietary services, this delivery service  uses social media such as Instagram and Facebook to market its products.   This company  is  almost widespread in different regions of Indonesia, such as Bandung, Jabodetabek, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Semarang.

Ninja Express Media Call Center Raises Complaints

Do you already know at a glance one of the largest tour services in Indonesia  ? Returning to the main content, often there were various types of problems in the process of posting goods, and the public  experienced them  when using the services of The Ninja Express.      In fact, you don’t have to worry too much about   the  problem.

This is because you can contact the Ninja Express media  c  section  directly at each site  to make a complaint.   Where the service can be accessed by anyone who needs accurate information and solutions if there is  a problem during  the  delivery process or  with your package.

The  call center of this exs pedisi can be  found on (021) 2926 4120.   You  can also call the complaint process  number directly  . There is a customer service section where it explains the different types of problems and provides  the  best solution.   Make sure you communicate well to  get  the  best service.

Before  you decide  to file a complaint  in the ninja call center section to inform the media  paikan complaint,  there are some important documents that need to be properly prepared as the sender name, receipt number, and destination address.   Based on the information from this document, Ninja Express can track your package more easily.

Making a complaint via the website and e-mail

Not  only by contacting a Ninja Express  media center to file a complaint, but you can also  file  a complaint through  the  official  wesit of  the  service delivery service  to   Through this page, you will receive  a  complaint or complaint form.

Later, there are different types of questions that can be adapted to the problem being solved, such as package problems, reporting lost goods, sending questions abroad and looking for solutions.   Be sure to  select the question type when it matches   the issue you’re facing.

If so, users are asked to provide  their full name, phone number,  receipt number,  email address  and report  it to explain what is happening to you.   it is best  to communicate the information as much as possible and  explain it  in detail  .   Do not lie about the problem you are experiencing.

In addition  to the  three Ninja Express  call centers  for filing  complaints and the official website,  you can also  submit these  complaints by email y thekni to the   For this one method, it is also very easy to do and almost identical if you complain through the website  .    You can also send the message directly to the relevant email address  .

Then explain the details of the problem that is happening.   Do not forget to include some supporting documents , which we will use as evidence later.  The supporting documents shall include the number of the receipt, its address, the name of the consignor and any evidence. If you make a complaint by email, make sure you wait patiently for a response.

 Various services dari ninja express

Ninja Express seems to offer various features and  the best options for its users, including

  1. Easy service

This is a type of service that provides convenience to customers during a simpler shipping and checkout process. The service is designed to  save time on   the care of sales administration.

  1. Payment service per location

On-site payment  service  or COD (cash on delivery) is one of the delivery products you are looking for.  The purpose of this service  is to facilitate  the payment of  goods and transportation costs  in cash in  accordance with the planned location.

  1. Complaint Center Service

Finally,  Ninja Express’s complaint handling service was one of his main projects.     Thanks to this service, you will conveniently solve  all  the  problems of the  package.

In fact,  problems in  the process of sending  packages with tour services  are one of the  problems where they often occur, including when using the  service.  Ninja  Express Media’s call center reports complaints that  are easy to reach.

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