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To find out about West Javier’s folk songs, musical instruments, and their art


Local arts are the country’s culture so they  should be preserved, including  West Java folk songs and other art respectively. There  are songs, music and distinctive arts, and the characteristics of the lyrics and music sometimes have similarities, but they vary from person to person.

Typically, the songs and music of a region are a description of history, natural landscape, culture, culture, food and customs; there is always the meaning of every song, music and art in the country that teaches the younger generation.

Since the archipelago is located everywhere, it is very easy to find traditional songs, not only songs but also traditional dances, musical instruments, as well as songs and instruments. It also includes artistic performances that unite greens and dances, and unfortunately, its existence is now being eroded by modern-day disease.

Many folk songs that were defeated by modern art have been forgotten, and songs from West Java have become increasingly limited to replacing contemporary music. Art and art are considered truly ancient and unpleasant by the current generation, so young people need to raise awareness of young people to love the art of their area.

This time we’ve got information about musical instruments, songs, and local art, so that we know a little bit of the richness of our homeland art, and you canfall in  love with musical products in your country by knowing  the lands of Art N.

Folk Songs in West Java

It’s not just about learning science and technology as simple people who preserve the country’s future. It is essential to build the well-being of the people , but it is not weaker than the importance of appreciating and preserving the culture of the country.

There are many ways to preserve the culture of the country: you master various arts directly and struggle in this field Although we don’t live, we can still  preserve  local art by knowing and knowing them.

  1. Manouk Dadali

This song is one of the most  well-known songs, and the lyrics feature the shape of the garuda bird (Manouk Dadali), a symbol of the country today. The symbol of the country is described as a bird of high flying and brave in the vast sky, which reveals the glory of Indonesia.


  1. Ice wax

Ice candles are a regular meal of Bandong, but the lyrics of this song reveal the heart of a girl who should always be cautious when confronting a man, especially in choosing a life partner.


  1. Buy moon

The lyrics of this song also reveal a girl’s heart, but one day someone with eyes similar to her lover was found in a state of heartache at being abandoned by her lover.


  1. Cing Rivet

In the lyrics of this song, you will find a portrayal of a human heart that is as easily rattled as a wave in the ocean.


  1. TOKYO

Every lyric of the song always has its meaning: Tokyo, one of the things that token is that of greed, greed, a greedy nature, and an unwillingness to share it with others.

West Java’s traditional musical instruments

It is also worth preserving and preserving a variety of musical instruments in Bandung Province. Perhaps, it isnaturally due to  similar cultures to the adjacent Villaia,  an example of traditional West Javan music below.

  1. Karen

There are 2 types of karen: bamboo will be used as a basic material for men and women, and palm trees will be used for women; the player must hit one side of himself to make sound and penetrate it at the same time.


  1. Kuala Lumpur

Kellong can make songs and often plays in artistic performances— how to play with a mosquito, which is made of bamboo, for body and body.


  1. Beverage

This typical Sundanese flute usually  collaborates with West Javanesian songs, with four to six holes to six to six holes to control the melody, producing a distinctive sound because it is made of bamboo.


  1. Harp

There are two types of harps: Indong and Rink; 18-20 and large sizes; Andong ‘parent’ rhythm is 18-20 and large. This device became the leader for a small (child) harp that played as a supplement to the stop between the notes of the indent.


  1. Silicon Valley

The device relies on sound from bamboo and produces pleasant sound in the ears, and it is played at night during cultural performances in areas of Silimpan.

West Javier Traditional Arts

As well as  songs originating in West Java, there are also a variety of other arts such as dancing and art performances.One of them is Prince Wellen’s Fighting Fee A cover dance made on the basis of a traditional story about Sunan Gonjati, ruler of the city of Siribon, when facing the hit.

There is also a Passandan download dance. The name is inspired by the peacocks. This dance will accompany Gamellen and is accompanied by beautiful movements and trumpets. Garden dancers  always use  the crown when I support Ragakania, and Karen describes the symbol of the eggs.

Have you ever heard of Renkong’s art? This localKisenya N is a function inspired by Sandanese procedures in growing rice to harvest It first appeared in Sianja Regency in 1964, and so far it has been frequently played in cultural gardens and other art performance sites.

There is also the art of horse immersion, often held in the Java region and in various other parts of Indonesia. This art has a mysterious taste because the dancer rides a wooden horse and dances with drums.

Cultural function venues in West Java

If West Java wants to listen to the songs of different songs, you can visit places where cultural performances are held, often used as a place to perform folk songs and other arts These spaces are used as a place for the people of West Java to describe their artistic expertise while preserving the preservation of art for the people of West Java.

One of the places you can visit is Taman Budaya, located in Bukit Daji Salton. They can come to see art performances, singing local songs, playing musical instruments, performing art.

There is always a special project for weekly art performances, even foreign tourists come to witness firsthand how beautiful the country’s culture is.

You can also visit the Daa Sunda Art Context in the Taman Sari Bandung Zoo area. Here usually local There are at least 20 artists performing each week.


As a citizen who will determine the future of Indonesia, you need to love the culture of the country from your area and elsewhere.  By learning  musical instruments and West Javan songs, we can cultivate a love for the arts and culture of the country.

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