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How to complain about theKFC Center’s communication about the advice of criticism


If you have any problems, criticisms or suggestions, complaining at the KFC Communications Centre is the best way to take it. In particular, we know that this restaurant from the United States, although famously experienced, cannot be completed. Sometimes users see that the service or food is not good.


Of course, not all the tables have the same problem, but only a few stops. This can be caused by only an understanding or understanding between users and guards there. That’s why there should be a good complaint especially that this famous restaurant is well and can accept the criticisms of the suggestions


a short idea of the KFC base


Kentucky fried chicken is known to have a long history of serving various food products and does not need to be blamed at the KFC Communications Center in  any way . Especially if we compare it to friends’ restaurants or fast food rights , most of them are certainly still number one even in Indonesia .


FastFood was originally from Kentakia City as the name first found and found directly by Colonel Harland Sanders The story is so famous because it used to be just a chicken seller and didn’t make much of a profit so it was under severe pressure to the extent of depression


But this began to change when he began cooking fried chicken in corbin in 1930 and appeared to be very loving to people Then in 1939 , Sanders made his own fried chicken recipe because he used many attractive varieties of spring even though he had his own style to protect the taste of the process


This is what Made Sanders then receive a award in the form of a Kentaki colonel from the local governor The establishment of constitutional rights occurred in 1955 when Sanders previously traveled from the United States to Canada offering his goods It’s no wonder after many investors like to invest in Sanders’ business


In 1978, the KFC National Training Center opened after a large investment in businessmen such as Jack Massey and John Brown Jr. Unfortunately, after two years in 1980, Harland Sanders died, so it became deeply sad news, especially since the development of his hard work at the time was huge.


The benefits of kfsel in terms of products and services


If you look at its long history, it’s no wonder that this constitutional right is very beneficial, including making it easier to find the door. Now we can’t just find a door in a big city. But in every major city, there must be many more doors to complete the division.


We can see examples in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or Semarang. There are several snowcities in a large city, each of which must have KFC restaurants. So, you don’t have to go all the way to the city or the provincial centre because it’s more affordable at home.


especially now that delivery services can be used quickly and cheaply without any You can call 14022 directly and if you don’t know the list, you can ask the employee who is carrying the phone. Please note that the number of delivery services and customer services is not the same.


For all these agencies, they are prepared with the best facilities to ensure that sometimes people who complain to the KFC communications centre are  there, but it doesn’t matter if complaints about problems are generally in the form of serving employees or lack of food alone, but if other facilities such as places to eat or stadiums are very good.


You can use the room in the restaurant to the fullest extent because the arrangement is comfortable because most doors are too wide. In addition, in terms of cleanliness, it must be very acceptable, especially by employees tasked with cleaning. They are well trained to have expertise in maintaining the cleanliness of all restaurant spaces according to the SOP


Another benefit is that it is now not only used for stopping but also as a place for coffee. This happened because of the emergence of the newest restaurant , KFC Coffee , where it generally appears as cafes . You can find a room with a small bar that’s very comfortable.


How to complain to the KFC Communications Center if there’s a problem


Any company or restaurant will surely receive input or suggestions and even complaints from customers including the KFC But although there are criticisms and complaints, we should not randomly give them a different habit in presenting a complaint that one of them is that all the complaints and suggestions should be according to the facts


If you don’t know what’s being criticized about the facts, first call or complain to the KFC Call Center  . You can call their customer service phone number, which 08071677777. If you feel you’ve contacted him but it looks like he’s busy, you can send a complaint by e-mail


You can ask about the service or food results if it is not satisfactory. But you need to find the best time to do this, especially if the complaints are too big. But for the general type of complaints can be made as usual but must be calm in contacting CS or receiving answers to their emails.


To complain to the KFC Communications Center , they can be done directly through their homepage. There are various columns in the form of data that should be filled with what customer’s attention. You can fill all these fields in your opinion, don’t fill it out because you’re hearing other news.


In addition, if you receive an answer from the company’s manager, it should certainly be well received. The name of the critic or complaint must surely be ready to carry out the advice given this advice is generally in the form of a positive reaction to benefit consumers and companies. So, however, no party is harmful, but everything is profitable.


alternative criticism except for complaints to the KFC Communications Center


If you failed to file a complaint using phone numbers and emails, you can try through their social networks such as Twitter on @KFCINDONESIA and Instagram @kfcindonesia. By communicating through social networks, you need to know how to deliver it correctly. especially when social network stores are tricky and fake news and various


Of course, if you advise or complain, but in fact a deception, it can result in a crime. When you complain to the KFC Contact Center, try not to use the provocative language. This language is naturally motivated by a specific event or condition, if the company considers it inappropriate, the answer can be fatal to the whistleblower.


In addition, understanding what problems they want to be criticized or complained about, is much more likely that criticism through social networks should be in the form of facts, if in the opinion, it is considered humorous, although the content is negative, which is harmful to one of the aspects between the consumer and the restaurant.


Therefore, complaints to the kfc’s previous communications centre should first be repeated and reconsidered. Consider what would be a good and bad effect if it had a good intention, it should be sent immediately to the joint good.


Maintaining literature and language literature will be the last key to conveying opinions, criticisms or suggestions through social networks, although we have come from Indonesia, where both characteristics or characteristics must always be owned. Although understanding that criticism does not violate the law but the delivery should not be against the law


We already know how the benefits of this restaurant are known for its fried flour chicken products If you find bad service or food tastes bad, you can immediately send criticism and suggestions. If you’re complaining to the call center, the KFC still has to maintain its dignity.


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